Common UPS Questions Answered By Specialist Electricians

Common UPS Questions

What is an uninterruptible power supply? Why is it important for your home or business and is UPS maintenance actually important? As specialist UPS Brisbane electricians, we get a lot of questions about UPS, so we have answered as many as we can in this blog to help clear the confusion around this valuable backup power device. 

Question: What is UPS?

Answer: UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) provides vital battery backup power to your sensitive electronic equipment when unexpected power issues from the primary power source threaten your productivity. 

Question: What is the use of UPS?

Answer: Expensive delays and damage during time-sensitive projects can be prevented with efficient and affordable installation by your local UPS electrician in Brisbane:

  1. Protection from unpredictable power interruptions
  2. Ensure continual smooth power quality as it reaches your building, office and equipment
  3. Provides a backup source for long-term outages

Question: How does UPS work?

Answer: UPS works by providing a consistent power supply to your workplace, office or home. UPS installation can give you more control over your critical workflow, allowing you to be less vulnerable to unpredictable weather events and power surges.

Question: What are the different types of UPS?


  • Line Interactive UPS system

A Line Interactive UPS system continually monitors incoming voltage from the primary power source to your connected electrical equipment. When your UPS detects a minor power fluctuation, it will correct it immediately, protecting your home office computer or critical hospital equipment from expensive damage. 

  • Online UPS system

An Online UPS system continuously draws power from one of the most crucial UPS parts, the battery, giving your electronic equipment the highest level of protection whilst you’re using it.

  • Offline UPS system

Unlike an Online UPS system, an Offline UPS system doesn’t use the battery until the voltage powering your critical equipment falls below a certain level. When your primary power source becomes completely unreliable, your offline UPS system will start providing backup power.

Question: How often should a UPS be serviced?

Answer: Battery failures are the most common cause of UPS breakdowns, so scheduling regular UPS maintenance is recommended to ensure your backup power remains reliable. Programmed maintenance for your UPS battery will ensure the following is completed regularly: 

  • Determining Battery Life Expectancy
  • Routine inspections and testing 
  • Checking for signs of swelling, corrosion or leakage
  • Battery temperature checks
  • Keeping the UPS batteries clean and free of dust, dirt and debris

After your local specialist electrician installs your new UPS they will work out a scheduled UPS maintenance that works for your business. Generally, we recommend servicing your UPS once a year minimum.

Question: Which commercial and industrial businesses benefit from UPS?


  • Hospitals and medical centers
  • Electronics manufacturers
  • Data and call centers
  • Banks
  • TV stations
  • Production-based manufacturers
  • Telecommunications and cable companies
  • Universities
  • Utility providers

Question: What are the main components of a UPS system?



There are two main roles of a UPS system rectifier. It converts the input power from AC (Alternating current) to DC (Direct current) and ensures the batteries are always charged.


A UPS system battery provides emergency power when the main supply fails. 


A UPS system inverter is a key feature in the double conversion process (AC to DC to AC). The double conversion process keeps the power smooth during spikes and surges. 


This component within a UPS system protects your important power supply in case your UPS system, or one of its components, breaks down. 

UPS Installation In Brisbane

When the success of any business is determined by critical electronic equipment working seamlessly, UPS systems ensure your crucial work doesn’t stop when the primary power source does.

We are UPS electricians in Brisbane who supply and install only the best UPS brands in homes and businesses, such as technology innovators Socomec UPS and Eaton UPS. From UPS installation to scheduled UPS maintenance, we provide power protection to any critical electronic equipment.

Click here to Send Energized Electrical an enquiry form and be one step closer to protecting your home, or commercial or industrial business, from the next power outage.

Common UPS Questions Common UPS Questions

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