UPS For Business Backup

UPS: Is Investing In Backup Power For My Business Worth It?

UPS For Business Backup

Sometimes, no matter how prepared you are for a time-sensitive project, unexpected obstacles get in the way of completing a job on time. Unfortunately we can’t predict the future, but with a UPS you will be protected whenever disaster strikes.

If you are considering investing in backup power for your Brisbane business but are not sure whether it’s worth it, this blog provides valuable tips to help you make an informed decision.


UPS, or Uninterruptible Power Supply, is a reliable backup power supply that will keep your business running smoothly whenever you experience an unexpected power issue. Energized Electrical in Brisbane specialises in quality UPS installation and service.

Which commercial businesses rely on UPS?

  • Banks
  • Retail premises
  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Sports centres
  • Warehouses

How does UPS installation and maintenance protect commercial businesses?

  • Gives protection against loss of productivity and revenue
  • Prevents data loss
  • Helps to avoid disruption to customer service
  • Helps to prevent damage to reputation

Which Industrial businesses rely on UPS?

  • Food production
  • Telecommunications
  • Medical premises
  • Hospitals
  • Radio and television stations

How does UPS Installation and maintenance protect Industrial businesses?

  • Reduces the chances of critical machinery shutting down
  • Assists in avoiding unmet quotas
  • Helps to prevent delayed production schedules

How Do I Know Which UPS System Is Right For My Business?

When choosing the right UPS system for your home, or commercial or industrial business, these essential features will determine how reliable your backup power will be:

1. The number of UPS outlets and ports
Do you need UPS installation for your home computer or your commercial office space? The more outlets and ports your system have, the more devices you can connect to it.

2. The battery life of your UPS system
The average UPS battery should last five years before needing replacement. Furthermore, valuable programmed maintenance by a UPS electrician in Brisbane will prolong the life of your UPS system.

3. Your UPS capacity
If your home or office computer uses 350W, choose a UPS system with a higher capacity, such as 500W or 600W. The more power your UPS holds, the more time you have to safely shut down your sensitive devices or maintain your valuable workflow.

Not sure which UPS system is right for your business?

Your local UPS electrician in Brisbane will be able to help you decide which UPS system is right for you to protect your sensitive electrical equipment, whether it’s for a desktop computer or large data centre.

Energized Electrical are specialised UPS Electricians in Brisbane who offer affordable and efficient UPS installation of only the best high-quality brands, from Socomec UPS to Eaton UPS. We are experts in power protection solutions, including UPS installation, UPS battery replacement and programmed UPS maintenance on all UPS parts.

Our UPS technicians in Brisbane can tailor a maintenance program for your electrical and data requirements that suit the needs of your home, office or company. From switchboard maintenance to smoke alarms and RCD testing, regular maintenance of your UPS system and other services will ensure your electrical devices are always in great condition.

Click here to send Energized Electrical an enquiry form and take one step closer to reliable power protection for your critical electrical equipment.

UPS For Business Backup

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