UPS: What Type Of UPS Do I Need For My Brisbane Business

Smart businesses that supply essential industries or offer critical services can’t afford to have their operations delayed due to issues with power supply.

Unfortunately, for many businesses this is a reality.

Blackouts, power surges and other disruptions in electricity supply can wreak havoc to business operations, supply chain, logistics and essential services.

Without electricity, life and business as we know it stands still.

The very structure of our day to day lives all rely on our ability to access reliable power. This is even more the case when it comes to the smooth operation of businesses. You don’t have time for interruptions, the cost of which can also be considerable.

That’s where UPS or Uninterruptible Power Supply comes in.

UPS ensures that the supply of power is guaranteed. It’s the solution to keeping business in full swing, despite what’s happening with the weather, power infrastructure or anything else that may derail a consistent power supply.

Business that utilise Uninterruptible Power Supply or a UPS in Brisbane include:

Medical services
Education services
Government departments
Services needing refrigeration, heating or cooling
IT Services
Manufacturing services
Financial services
And more.

Each of the different industries mentioned above will have differing needs when considering a UPS in Brisbane. The location, climate, usage requirements, size, and duration of the need also comes into play.

Speak to us, Energized Electrical, your local UPS Brisbane supplier to discuss which of the above will suit your Brisbane workplace.

Types of UPS in Brisbane

While there are 6 types of UPS, there are 3 that are most frequently used:


A standby UPS is what’s commonly used as backup for desktop computers. The power from the UPS switches on automatically during power failure and goes off as power resumes back to its main source.

Line Interactive

This type of UPS is commonly used in small businesses using multiple electrical equipment. The battery to the AC converter is connected to the UPS. During power failure, the switch opens from the battery to UPS output, allowing multiple equipment or computers to perform simultaneously.

Double Conversion

This type of UPS is not connected mainly to the main power source. The main power goes through 2 types of conversion – the first is through a rectifier, converting the power from AC to DC, then goes through an inverter, converting it from DC to AC, before power loads up. During an interruption, the rectifier switches off and the inverter produces power from the battery automatically. With this, you get uninterrupted power to critical loads. This type of equipment is ideal for businesses that require more time and power to backup data and continue operation.

Uninterruptible Power Supply Service in Brisbane

Energized Electrical offers professional UPS services in Brisbane, Nationally and beyond. Our UPS experts in Brisbane will help you in choosing the right equipment for you. Our team provides various services from sales and professional installation, to tailoring maintenance ideal to keep your business running at ease.

For enquiries about how your organisation can get the most use of using UPS from a reliable supplier, feel free to drop in your message by emailing

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