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Components of a UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply System

A UPS system will provide backup power to your business, when regular power has been lost. UPS systems are important for businesses that rely heavily on seamless power quality, preventing disruptions, lost data, and productivity during any power outage or power surge. For hospitals and medical centres that use critical equipment, or universities, banks or production-based manufacturers, backup power is necessary

The different types of UPS systems available:

  • Line interactive UPS
  • Offline UPS
  • Online DC power system 


The most common system UPS electricians install for the highest level of protection is an online double conversion UPS system.  

A DC power system works seamlessly by constantly drawing regulated AC power from the battery through an inverter, which also means there is no transfer time or break in power supply in the event of a blackout. 

These are the four main UPS parts in a DC power system:


Depending on the size of your UPS system, the rectifier module and the battery charger will either be integrated as one or will be two separate components. 

The two main roles of a UPS system rectifier are: 

  1. Converts the input power from AC (Alternating current) to DC (Direct current).
  2. Ensures the batteries are always charged

A UPS  battery provides emergency power when the main supply fails. 

These batteries are charged by either the rectifier or (if it’s a larger UPS) a separate charger.

The battery network in a UPS has at least one string of batteries, with the amount of batteries required depending on the DC voltage of the UPS 


A UPS inverter is a key feature in the double conversion process (AC to DC to AC). The inverter component switches the DC voltage from the rectifier or battery back to an AC output, completing the second half of the conversion.

The double conversion process keeps the power smooth during spikes and surges. 


This component within a UPS system protects your important power supply in case your UPS, or one of its components, breaks down. 

In the case of a UPS fault the static bypass switch will “bypass” the rectifier, batteries and inverter and connect the load to the mains supply. Allowing your productivity and workflow to continue whilst your UPS parts get repaired or replaced.


Each component in your UPS system is really important for keeping your business running smoothly with no disruptions or lost data. Regular maintenance is a necessary advantage in ensuring each component is kept in the highest quality. 

Your Brisbane UPS electrician will not only take care of your UPS installation in Brisbane but they will also schedule regular UPS maintenance so you don’t have to worry about anything but enjoying your continual power supply.

Energized Electrical are Brisbane UPS electricians who specialise in UPS service, including UPS installation and maintenance. If you want to learn more about the different components of a UPS system, which brands are the most reliable, and which UPS system is best for your business, call Energized Electrical today.

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