Battery Maintenance

The Importance of UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply Battery Maintenance

Battery failures are the most common cause of UPS breakdowns, so scheduling regular UPS battery maintenance is recommended to ensure your backup power remains reliable. UPS systems are made up of many components working together to provide seamless power quality to any business, office or equipment. Out of all the UPS parts the most important component is, unfortunately, also the most fragile.

Programmed maintenance for your UPS battery will ensure the following is completed regularly:

  • Determining battery life expectancy
  • Routine inspections and testing
  • Checking for signs of swelling, corrosion or leakage
  • Battery temperature checks
  • Keeping the UPS batteries clean and free of dust, dirt and debris

Your UPS system will last longer
Relying on a UPS system that is regularly inspected and repaired by your UPS electrician will save you lots of time and money. Programmed maintenance prevents your UPS failing unexpectedly, and will lengthen the life of your UPS system.

A safer working environment
Ensuring your business, office or equipment is protected by reliable backup power results in a safe working environment for everyone involved. From security cameras to lighting up dark spaces to working elevators, there are many ways electricity keeps your business safe.

Avoid delays in productivity and deadlines
Programmed maintenance that prevents unexpected UPS battery replacement means your electrical needs are continually supported by your UPS system. When power outages hit, your business operations can continue to run smoothly. Even something minor, like losing data from a computer that is not shut down properly could mean losing hours of work, delaying important deadlines and costing your business valuable resources.

Reliable and continual electricity for critical equipment
Downtime is expensive, and the flow-on effects can be detrimental.


Programmed UPS battery maintenance means your business will continue to be supported by your UPS system.

The correct quality UPS system will support you through power outages and power surges.

Brisbane UPS electricians will not only supply UPS systems from trusted brands like Socomec and Eaton but they will also schedule programmed maintenance that will prevent any UPS breakdowns or failures.

Energized Electrical are Brisbane UPS electricians with years of experience protecting businesses, offices and equipment from unexpected disasters.

Call Energized Electrical today to schedule programmed maintenance for your UPS battery and ensure your business is protected and safe from potential downtime.

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