Brisbane UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply systems: The Benefits

Power outages cause costly damage and delays that should have been avoided with a Brisbane UPS system.

A Brisbane UPS system is the backup power that protects your business, or commercial or industrial workplace from any power outage or power surge. A UPS system will range in size depending upon your business needs. This can range from a smaller system that protects your office computers from losing important data to a larger system that keeps a hospital or university running smoothly. 

Industries that benefit from using a UPS system: 

  • Hospitals and medical centres
  • Electronics manufacturers
  • Data and call centres
  • Banks
  • TV stations
  • Production-based manufacturers
  • Telecommunications and cable companies
  • Universities
  • Utility providers

The benefits of a quality UPS:

When a power outage hits if your business is not protected by a UPS system backing up the main power supply then productivity will halt completely. This can result in many hours of productivity lost whilst you wait for the source of the power outage to be fixed, and possibly the loss of critical data permanently. With a UPS your backup power will continue supporting your business’ electrical needs seamlessly and work will continue without interruption. 

There are many benefits to UPS installation, the main ones include:

  1. Protection from power interruptions
  2. Ensure continual smooth power quality as it reaches your building, office and equipment
  3. Provides a backup source for long-term outages

How you can guarantee a quality UPS system:

  • Programmed maintenance

Your UPS electrician will be able to not only supply and install your UPS system but also schedule regular UPS maintenance. Programmed maintenance ensures your UPS will continue to be reliable, avoiding breakdowns as much as possible and prolonging the life of your UPS system. This will involve such tasks as repairing any UPS parts before major breakdowns occur and frequent battery replacement if necessary.

  • Choosing trusted brands

Socomec and Eaton UPS systems are two of the most popular brands for UPS systems. 

Socomec UPS 

Socomec was founded in 1922 and are technology innovators. The company has gained almost 100 years of expert knowledge in the world of POWER QUALITY and UPS solutions. Socomec offers a wide range of high-quality UPS units that can be small enough to power a laptop to powerful enough to support medical equipment. 

Eaton UPS 

Eaton is a global leader in technology, electrical products, and systems and services for power quality. From homes to Industrial and data centre applications, Eaton offers a variety of UPS solutions to suit anyone.

Your UPS electrician will be able to give experienced advice when it comes to choosing a trustworthy and reliable UPS brand. 

Save time and money with a quality UPS system

Whether you are working with critical equipment in a hospital or on sensitive documents on a computer, a quality UPS system will prevent hours of lost productivity, lost data, and possible damage to your business. 

Talk to a UPS Electrician in Brisbane today about protecting your business and equipment from preventable damage. 

Energized Electrical are UPS specialists who offer UPS supply, service and programmed maintenance for your backup power. Providing excellent service to all different types of businesses throughout Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and broader Queensland. 

Contact us at Energized Electrical today and have peace of mind with your UPS system.

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