How does UPS Work?

UPS protects and maintains your power supply.

It means avoiding situations like this …

You’re in the middle of a particularly busy and productive day at work. Then all of a sudden, the computer screens switch off, machinery shuts down, and productivity stops altogether. It’s deafeningly quiet as worry replaces the smiles on everyone’s faces. It’s clear this was a power outage, but it’s not yet clear how much damage it has caused.

Power outages from car accidents or fallen trees are not the only risk your business faces everyday. ​Power spikes, voltage dips, and fluctuations can also occur at any point leading to work delays and stress.

To plan for the worst and protect your home, business, and staff from critical data and equipment damage Australian businesses and homeowners invest in UPS Brisbane services.


UPS stands for Uninterruptible Power Supply. It is an electrical device that provides backup power to a load via a battery when regular power has been lost.

A UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply can be installed by a UPS Brisbane electrician like Energized Electrical. It will give you peace of mind knowing that any electrical equipment that is connected to the UPS will continue to run in the event of a power outage.


Different UPS systems work in different ways. The 3 main types are:

Line Interactive UPS

Line Interactive UPS will be most effective at supporting you with regular power fluctuations rather than power outages.

Line Interactive UPS continually monitors incoming voltage from the main power source to your connected equipment. When it detects a minor power fluctuation it will correct it without switching to battery, which means the life of the battery lasts longer.
Line Interactive UPS is the perfect support for:

  • Data and call centers
  • Banks
  • Utility companies

Online UPS

An Online UPS unit will give you the highest level of protection because it uses the battery continuously whilst your electronic device is in use.

It constantly draws regulated AC power from the battery through an inverter, which also means there is no transfer time or break in power supply in the event of a blackout.
Online UPS is the perfect support for:

  • Hospitals and medical centers
  • Electronics manufacturers
  • Production-based manufacturers
  • Critical industrial loads.
  • TV stations
  • Telecommunications and cable companies

Offline UPS

Offline UPS will be the best support for small non-critical applications and equipment.
Unlike Online UPS units an Offline UPS unit doesn’t use the battery until there is a power outage.

When the voltage energising your computer falls below a certain level (usually around 200 V AC) the UPS will switch your computer to the inverter connected to the UPS and start providing backup power.

Offline UPS is the perfect support for:

  • Home Office


Every business is different.

From a computer in your home office to critical scientific equipment, Energized Electrical can help you finally cross off ​“power issues”​ from your list of worries. We are UPS Brisbane specialists and can help you gain POWER QUALITY with experienced UPS service. From UPS Battery Replacement, UPS Installation to programmed maintenance on UPS parts.

Contact us today for your stress-free UPS Brisbane services.

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